unstable.icu - 社交功能还可以抢救一下

是一個自閉站點。 不允许以公开、不公开和关注者可见权限发布任何泄露三次元隐私的嘟嘟,比如自拍、姓名、详细到省级以下行政区的定位、工作单位或学校、中国商业社交平台对应身份。 不允许将联邦宇宙中文内容无授权、不打码地发布至中国大陆商业网站。

This server runs mastodon software, version 3.2.0. Current master version is 3.4.1. This server has been monitored for 1 year and has a score of 100 out of 100. Detected language of this pod is Chinese and looks to be located in United States California Santa Clara. Server last checked: 2021-10-25 02:17:07

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