lejaua6.club - 秘密結社「lejaua6」

秘密結社 lejaua6 是一个旨在倒立的泛 ACG 简体中文 Mastodon 实例。现在,本实例采取熟人开放制。你可以申请元老院批准,以加入本实例。当然,你需要遵守结社元老院制定的公约,并提供足够详细的申请理由。即便如此,你的申请也可能被以任意理由拒绝。

This server runs mastodon software, version 3.4.1. Current master version is 3.4.1. This server has been monitored for 1 year and has a score of 100 out of 100. Detected language of this pod is Slovene and looks to be located in France . Server last checked: 2021-10-28 06:08:49

This server is allowing new users to sign up.

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